Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yesterday's Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was my first post-12-weeks doctor's appointment. I am officially in my second trimester. Yay! Dr. Maier has his diabetes clinics on Monday mornings, which basically means that he runs crazy late and is super busy and there were some obese, unhealthy-looking pregnant women running around. Not to generalize about diabetics. Seriously though, it makes me happy that I am in pilates, and take so many power walks with the pups, to know that I'm doing good things for my baby and my body, too. After this pregnancy I am going to work really hard to get in super good shape, even with two dogs and a baby in tow. There was one very pretty, in-shape, 11-weeks-along lady in the waiting room who I chatted with. She's been a Type 1 for a year, and her carb grams-to-insulin ratio is already crazy low, half of what mine is. I can't imagine how sucky it will get if my carb grams go down more. Eating is hard enough right now as it is.

After waiting for an hour, reading some excellent New Yorker articles, I saw Kim, who downloaded all of my pump results. My bloodsugars have been a little wonky thanks to the Wisconsin trip and my recent craving for watermelon. Again, it's just getting increasingly difficult to tell when my bloodsugars go low. The other day while walking the pups my bloodsugar went down to 36(!!). I had 1 cookie in the car, but it was hella hard to make it back home. By the time I got home I was so low that I ate three more cookies and a glass of milk, and then was so exhausted I fell asleep, which did nothing to help me stabilize, and instead spiked my sugars.

So, in general things went well. I brought Kim, Sharon, and Dr. Maier plum jam that I canned from our Italian prune plum tree. Not that I'm trying to bribe them. In general they probably just think that I gorge myself on home canned sugary goods. Which isn't quite true. I do like Dad's maple syrup, but compared to most people, I hardly use any.

Ugh, this is getting off track. My appointment! No ultrasound, but I got to listen to the baby's heartbeat again. Dr. Maier poked me on my increasingly rounding and firm belly and said, "Yep, you're pregnant." I fond this rather endearing, but I can't really explain why. I hate it when people touch my stomach, likely because for so long it had bruises on it from needles, and now it has an infusion set stuck on it. But I'm getting used to people touching it now, and even kind of liking it, if it's one of my pals who's doing it.

The good news is that my test results still seem good, and that I've only gained four pounds in the first trimester, which is right on track. All of my weight seems to have gone to my boobs and my belly, which I guess makes sense, but doesn't make me feel very attractive. Just wait! Ha ha. Oy.

I need to make an appointment to talk to the genetic counselor about an amnio, something that I'm only feeling more anxious about thanks to an obsessive hour-long reading of amnio threads on Berkeley Parents' Network. Stupid, stupid move. I think reading pregnancy-related threads online is an absolutely bad idea. Still, I got sucked in. I guess that given my feelings about wanting a healthy baby, I really should absolutely have an amnio. Still, I don't like the idea of a needle disturbing my little babe's nest. I know it's a very quick procedure, miscarriage rates are incredibly low, and that it will in all likelihood be fine. And many of my friends have been very happy with their amnios. Still, it's something that is rustling around in my brain, perhaps too much.

In other news, before graduating from puppy class last night the puppy pooped on the middle of the classroom floor. Also, he dragged this log in through the back door. Which helps with stress relief.

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