Monday, September 28, 2009

Our Totally Boring, Awesome Weekend

When you spend one weekend backpacking in the wilderness, the next weekend is a necessary compromise of extreme domesticity. We did a four-mile hike on Sunday morning with the pups (where my heart rate is consistently 50 bpm above Peter's on hills, yay baby and smaller lung capacity); had brunch with a Virgin Mary at T-Rex; watched a matinee of Julia and Julie or whatever it's called, and had some good couple time. Oh, and I also participated in some sweet Battlestar Galactica board game party time at Karen and Thaddeus's. I was a CYLON!! A SECRET CYLON. So was Elly. Sisters stick together.

Here are some other exciting weekend updates.

1. The moon Saturday night was unbelievably beautiful and big and moody red. This picture doesn't begin to do it justice.

2. The shower is leaking again and will now require a massive plumbing job to repair it. Neither of us is excited about this, though the amount of water the leaky shower is wasting is making me anxious. There are three different crews of plumbers coming over on Thursday and Friday to offer estimates. Fun times!

3. I went to Thrift Town and couldn't resist buying teeny tiny onesies. And overalls. Oy. I am really not sure why anyone buys new baby clothes. The advantage of buying used is that a) they're cheap; and b) any sort of nasty chemicals that were used in the process of making the cotton or dying it have long been washed away. Yes, organic is probably better, but when you're confronted with 50 cent onesies that are perfectly serviceable, I will always choose thrifted over spendy orgo stuff. Cuz you can't keep a good thrifter down.

4. I rearranged the mantel. See? I told you. BORING.

5. Wait!! It gets MORE BORING. I totally spent two hours cleaning this horrible closet out. Perhaps now its contents will not collapse on poor Ashley the dog walker when she opens the door to retrieve leashes.

6. To complete his super Gay Pride rainbow hearts collar, Haiko coordinated with a matching heart ID tag.

7. Ozzie got a haircut. Because it was easier than trying to brush out all the burrs after the Sunday morning hike. She has chubbed out after the near-death incident, and is now on a diet.

8. I received a care package from Luci and Lydia, which included a horse head hair brush (disturbing and awesome), a post-partum Party Pants pad for recovering from pooping out baby in five months, and a garter-style homemade insulin pump sleeve that fits on my thigh. It is pretty bad ass, and Luci, who is so damn smart, drew little markered hearts on the TOP of the inside of the sleeve, so I know which direction to slip it on. Thanks ladies!

Don't say I didn't warn you. BORING. But really, this weekend was pretty damn fun, too. Even Peter will agree. I mean, hell, it was no weekend in the wilderness, but it was okay for being stuck at gross old home, right P Dids?


  1. How can any weekend that includes a BATTLESTAR GALACTICA BOARD GAME be boring?! And the pump garter is hott.

  2. Seriously, I wish so badly I could've been a secret cylon!
    I was actually wishing I could go with you on a trip to Thrift Town just this weekend. I need a table and some random fabric.
    I like your boring/not boring blog posts.

  3. Aw, Carla, when you coming to the Bay Area, girl? I miss you so much! If you come in November you can come to an outdoor showing of The Neverending Story with the twins (who are visiting with my mom from Wisconsin) and come to a not-boring baby shower! Also, if you came we would totally play BSG board game.

    And Stef? Wanna play BSG with K&T? I can try to arrange another battle!

  4. Some days I actually believe I'm a secret cylon... It's debatable whether that's bad or good. But anyway, I'm back-logged in my BG-watching.

    Lucy and Lydia are golly-gee-whiz sweet for 2009! That pump-garter is terrific!

    Other than your labelling your not-so-boring weekend, "boring", I only feel strange about reading about your boring weekend... And giving it serious consideration.