Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello friends! Check out my belly! Get in mah belly! That is what Cameron and I said to each other when I went to prenatal pilates this morning. Then I did some pilates. This is my pilates outfit. It really shows how belly-licious I am right now. Of course, my belly's going to get much, much bigger. You can see my infusion set on the left side of the picture, on my belly. I used to think it was so gross, but now, I don't care. I really don't care about as much silly stuff anymore. I guess this is a side benefit of being knocked up and super high risk?

I had a genetics counseling session on Tuesday. Peter was still in Seattle and I was the only pregnant lady sans partner at the session, which depressed me and annoyed me. It's really not fun to sit there and listen to an hour-long PowerPoint presentation on chromosomal abnormalities and how messed up your little baby can be, especially when you are by yourself. I'm getting an amnio on my sister's birthday, October 1st, and Dr. Maier is doing it, which makes me feel much more comfortable than some rando doing it. Still, it is not something I look forward to. I look forward to (God willing) getting normal, healthy results back 10 days later, and not miscarrying. I know lots of my friends have done this test and it's been fine, but I still worry. Diabetics have more neural tube defects, as I've mentioned before, so it is really good to do this test. I think my test results put me outside of the statistical rates for more careless diabetics, but I still will feel better once I know that babe is a-okay.

We went to see Ginger Crash Kennedy Loy last night. She is two weeks old and cute as a button. She held my pinky finger as she slept and Jen and Ross horrified Peter with vibrant stories about placentas. Fun! Has anyone else out there done placenta encapsulation? Maybe I only think that it's weird because I've only recently learned about it? I mean, it's not as weird as eating placentas, which I *do* think is way too hippie and weird for me and would not eat it. An old hippie friend of mine ate it with her grody sperm giver, and I haven't been able to separate their grodiness from this practice.

In other news, we are interviewing doulas next week! I'm really excited about meeting doulas! Yay!

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  1. Beautiful pics, awesome updates!!! Love it. Keep 'em coming.