Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Painted.

We used no-VOC Kelly Moore paint and Home Depot no-VOC primer. The color is Green Apple Peel. Peter hates painting but was a sport. This will be the baby's room, if s/he gets here safe and sound and healthy and everything goes a-okay. I have a really exciting/fun baby art project I'm going to do involving tiny metal whale statues and big black wooden frames and painting of scenery. You may see it on here sooner than later!

We listened to a bunch of podcasts: To the Best of Our Knowledge (2 1/2 episodes); Savage Love (1 episode, our tenants came in the door right when a rather embarrassing question was asked on the podcast involving prosthetic wieners); Wait Wait Don't Tell Me! (1 episode); This American Life (1 episode). So, that means we painted for about 5 hours start to finish both days. Not bad at all!

Not much else was accomplished this weekend. We told the nice brothers who own 900 Grayson that I was pregnant, because at almost 15 weeks it's now safe to spill the beans, I think. And they said, excitedly, "We thought so! We just didn't want to jinx anything." They are so cute. I adore their place.

We also met with Ozzie and Haiko's new dog walker. Her name is Ashley and she's super nice. Her puppy just died this week after eating something and getting really sick. Her puppy was at the ER vet, got blood plasma transfusions, and had brain issues (swelling, I think), and finally died. Poor Ashley. Poor puppy. She seemed really bummed. I think that they will all have a good time together, though, and I like that she goes to a variety of spots for the pups' enjoyment.

Speaking of enjoyment, here is Haiko not enjoying his banishment to the deck after getting a bath.


  1. skin tags: i totally got more too! i blamed them on ross, as i don't think i had any til i met him. and then preggo = more esp. around the breast area!

    also: so glad to hear the g-diapers have a cloth insert now. the biggest complaint i've heard about them is that the disposable insides absorbs one pee well, but if another pee hits it, or gawd forbid, a poo, the already hard at work absorptive center has one its job and its all blowout! = ew!

  2. I recently discovered TTBOOK; love it. Andrew recommends The Moth Podcast, true-life, open-mike tales, some of which wind up on This American Life. Happy listening!

  3. I love the Moth, too . . . there are some really good stories. Peter and I kinda dig Radio Lab, too, but they use way too many sound effects, and the hosts have annoying voices.