Friday, September 11, 2009

The Body

I have a few observations about body changes for your reading pleasure. For your viewing pleasure, I have Peter's booty. My husband is so intent on capturing his nakedness in the wilderness that he has even ventured into video form (a pleasure you can experience upon reading this post in its entirety, lucky, lucky you).

1. My friend Chris asked me to talk more about my boobs on the blog, so here is some super sexy boob information. My nipples are so dry right now. Like I have nipple dandruff. They are flaky and white even with maximum lotion coverage.
2. Also, I am incredibly itchy on my breastbone and ribcage. I have to restrain myself from itching at night.
3. In addition to this fun stuff, I also seem to be developing more skin tags. They run on the Karl side of the family, so it's not like it's unexpected. I wonder if the pregnancy hormones are exacerbating their development.
4. I already have bleeding gums. Yay! Many pregnant women get bleeding gums, due to the increase in blood. Let's just say flossing sucks, and I am not looking forward to the needed dental cleaning coming up soon.
5. I spotted a stretch mark on my belly. Time to make more salve, or to bring in the big guns and get some of the organic mommy belly oil. My sister said that her friends used this other stuff, and when I looked it up it was so full of carcinogenic crap I couldn't believe any mom-to-be in her right mind would rub that shit right over where her baby was resting.
6. I don't get so desperately hungry as I did earlier, though I did eat two helpings of delicious taco salad last night. I am a beast when it comes to delicious taco salad! A beast I tell you!
7. I need to do a lot more hip openers. I'm doing more in pilates with Kristin, and I did some this morning while getting my face attacked by the puppy. It's only going to help in the future.
8. Peter needs to rub my feet and back more. This is imperative.
9. Trying to wear my favorite pair of jeans (well, the favorite pair that still fits me) is depressing and uncomfortable, and becoming increasingly difficult with each week. Also, they're really long as is, so when they fall down below my pokey-outy belly, they kind of drag on the ground.
10. I am kind of blissfully happy right now, in a very even keel way. I still have anxiety and worries and still sometimes blow up, but in general I'm all kind of barfingly chill and happy.

Peter would want you to know that this picture was taken before he lost his full 30 pounds. He thinks it is fat assy looking, but that didn't prevent him from refusing to pull it off the internets, so I say, fair game.


  1. where's the like option for this?

  2. i had to quickly mute the volume on that vid, as i watched it at the public library here in st. lou. it's innocuous nudity afterall, and really, exciting even from the viewer's side (how could a person not be excited by vidz of such chilly nakey body dunks! ooohwee!)... but, i don't wanna raise any eyebrows by my elderly neighboring library-goers.
    great, vivid changing-mommy-body deets Elka! i would rub your feet if i were there to visit... :)