Friday, August 28, 2009

Today I am 12 Weeks!

I am out of the Highway to the Danger Zone/Kenny Loggins-type area of the pregnancy! Wheeee! I mean, things might still turn into all-out fuckery and badness, but still, this is a good milestone! Yay for baby and yay for me and Peter!

Yesterday at prenatal pilates Kristin said, "You've popped!" Peter has also noted this, when, upon checking me for leeches after swimming in Wisconsin, he said, "You look pregnant." Basically, this means I have a potbelly. Also, my boobs are big. Jenny has kindly offered me some bras in a bigger cup size and I am really needing them. Only two of my bras currently fit me, and I've been resorting to the Patagonia mono-boob sports top (I love them, but they are not so hot, sigh). I've already collected two bags of clothes that are too tight for my chest or my potbelly protrusion. They need to go in the garage until after baby is here, and then *hopefully*, with breastfeeding and exercise, I can fit back into them, and maybe even better. Mom told me not to count on breastfeeding making my boobs shrink, but it is a fever wish of mine. Smaller boobs, please!

I've discovered that two lovely friends are about 5 1/2 months on, and two other friends are about where I am in the process. Yay for baby-making friends! I also, sadly, found out recently that two friends-of-friends miscarried in the first seven weeks or so. As I've noted, I am kind of crazily afraid of miscarrying. But what will be will be, and I am going to carry on positively through this and hope for the best.

I had to call Medtronic today to harass them about sending my infusion sets for my insulin pump. I am down to two and that is getting skeerily low. They will be here on Monday. I will probably also have to rearrange the scheduling of pump sets when I have to start changing out sets every one to two days, as my doctor and care team recommend.

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  1. i'm so thrilled for you and peter and wormy! one preggo milestone at a time is how i made it through... also, i'll take whatever extra boobage you don't want. i'm certain mother nature will not allow me to keep my "jugs" (she is such a tease) so i'll be in the market to trade up!