Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Girls Just Keep Getting Bigger

Thank god for Jenny, who saved my boobies from wearing stretched out, ugly bras. We had lunch today, and afterwards she took me back to her house to fit me for several really nice bras that were now too big for her. I've already gone up a cup size, which is not very exciting to me at all. I know that Jen was excited about this aspect of pregnancy, but not me! I guess that if I were an A or B cup I'd likely be happy to go up a bit, but as it is I'm starting as a D cup. So I am more concerned about turning into some sort of circus side show freak lady.

Step right up! See the woman with the massive boobies! Bigger than her head!

Please, please boobies, stay kind of normal sized. I know I can't ask for small. But please.

So, Jenny works part-time at A La Folie, a lingerie shop where I once spent $400 when trying to impress P Ta Mon. This means that Jenny has lots of very nice bras, Wachaols and Prima Donnas, to share with her chest-expanding pal. Jenny recently lost a bunch of weight, which explains her bra loss. She seemed equally parts excited and sad when her bras fit me. She's glad they're going to a new home, but you can tell she was sad to say goodbye to her awesome bra friends. Dear Jenny, I hope you get some solace from knowing that I, and P Ta Mon, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In other non-boob-related news, I really like the new Dwell shower curtain.

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