Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Things I've Been Obsessing About

As Peter can attest, I've mostly been obsessing over cloth diapers. Diaper service vs. buying and washing your own, if our washing machine will deal with all of the diapers, inserts vs. normal diapers, gdiapers for travel, etc.

So here's a list. I guess partially it's easier to think about diapering and whatnot instead of being freaked out about amnio tests and results. We'll know everything in a month, and hopefully all fears will be assauged. In the meantime, here are some things that have been keeping my mind distracted and happy.

1. Wool soaker pads, like this one on Etsy for $8.

2. Woodworker Laura Rittenhouse's beautiful Silver Moon Crib.

3. Baby sign language! My cousin Hilde taught her son Graham how to sign and it was amazing to see him talk in full sentences this Summer, thanks to a combination of words and signs.

4. Gorgeous, design-forward, comforting, comfortable nurseries, like this room put together by Texas Hill Country mama Jade.

5. gDiapers, great for traveling, and now there's a cloth, instead of disposable (compostable, biodegradable), insert.

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