Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Popping and Locking

I haven't told everyone at work yet about the baby,and I think that the only reason they haven't noticed is because a) I sit down a lot; b) I wear a coat into work; c) I wear a lot of empire waist dresses; and d) they probably assume I've just gotten really fat in the stomach and boobed out.

But as you can see, I've fully popped. Or, for 18 weeks, I've fully popped. I know I'm going to get a lot bigger, and at some point it will hard to grab things off the floor and get out of bed or do more difficult yoga poses.

It's weird to have the belly really showing, and to realize that there's finally obvious evidence that yes, I'm pregnant. No, it's not all in your head. My mom described the first trimester as "lots of hard work, with nothing to show for it." I was nauseous, bitchy, bone tired, and fretful during the first trimester. In the second, I'm still fretful about the results of the amnio, and the puppy jumping on my stomach (yes, this happened on Sunday, I freaked out), but moreover I am just basically calmer. And more energy-filled. And excited. And I've started rubbing my belly a lot. Because it's there.


  1. do NOT worry about puppy jumping! i mean, a scratched belly sucks, but you'd have to bounce yourself many times on your belly, on the hard wood floor, to cause any damage. your be-penised one is safe behind liquid and fat and muscle. less freaking! more posing in front of mirrors w/ cameras available!

  2. your gooorgeous dahling! rub that belly for me three times!!

  3. Lovely belly! Feeling baby move is always fascinating, in an "Aliens" kind of way.

    How bout this swell refashion? Wish I'd thought of it: http://megannielsen.com/2009/10/mommy-style-diy-maternity-shirt.html

  4. Hi Melissa! Wow, that is a brilliant refashion. I am totally heading to thrift store later today to re-create. Thanks!