Monday, October 19, 2009

Look Who's an Offbeat Mama

Go here to read the post. Oh, and feel free to comment here, but don't feel obligated to comment too gushingly (heck, it's just little old me!) on the Offbeat Mama site. But on this here blog, heck, gush all you want.


  1. Ah! If my hubs coulda convinced me we would have a son named Odd (say "ode") named after a Scandinavian strongman. Best of luck to you and your babe! (By way of offbeat momma!)

  2. I am so proud of you. This post has me in tears. You are a beautiful, strong, peaceful, fierce, wise Warrior Woman. Carrying the blood and spirit of many many women who have come before you, determined to bring this little one to the world with safety and soul. YOU RAWK, Elka!

  3. Odd is about up there with some of the choices we have (or, I should say, I have); my hubs is the more skeptical of my weird name choices!

    And Kristin, thanks babe. You are a soul-rawking strong warrior woman, too!