Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting Bigger Quicker

Last night at yoga, I mentioned to Kristin, my teacher, that my stomach had increased in size a lot from the week prior. "Stand back," she said, taking a look. After a quick assessment, she concluded, "Wow! Yes it did!"

It's weird, because every morning this past week I could feel it was bigger as I got out of bed. My balance point had shifted during the night. I'm trying not to lean forward too much, and not arch my back. I'm trying to preserve my posture.

Yoga helps. A lot. Last night in class there was another pregnant lady who was about a month and a half ahead of me in her pregnancy. She was really strong and inspiring. It was also nice to have someone else there who had to do modifications as well. I took off my insulin pump in class last night, because it was 88 when I checked it beforehand. About 15 minutes into class I checked my bloodsugar and it had dropped to 44. Ugh. After a Clif bar and half a bottle of water I was back at it, and finished the rest of the hour strongly. It's amazing how much better it makes my entire body feel.

What also helps is walking around the hood. One of my new goals is to make it through the entire pregnancy and still be able to walk, without stopping, up each of the hidden staircases, including this one, Billie Jean, which is a loooooong staircase. I love walking all of the staircases and paths in this neighborhood; it's one of my favorite parts of living here.

I also need to scrounge up enough money to start acupuncture. I'm concerned a bit about preeclampsia, which diabetics are more prone to get, and want to do everything I possibly can to avoid it. Getting preeclampsia could cause bad complications with the baby, and would make it a lot harder to have a natural birth. Anyway. acupuncture has been shown to be helpful in lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation, which could help, and would be darn helpful for a diabetic pregnant like me in general.

Otherwise, things have been pretty good here. We're hoping to go on a backpacking trip this weekend, but may opt for a 6-8 mile day hike on Saturday and then biking to Karen and Thaddeus's for brunch on Sunday for exercise purposes. I have some sewing projects I should really get going on.

I'm getting excited about Mom and the twins coming out, and the upcoming baby shower. So many baby showers coming up! I'm still contemplating cribs and cradles and numerous other baby-related questions.

Oh? And the baby? He's good, I think. He's kicking a lot. It's fun to feel.


  1. I like your stance in the second pic, like a prego Amazonian warrioress!

  2. yes! big, healthy baby! i love it! let me know what remains on your wish list after the baby showers because i'd like to send the baby boy something.

  3. Oh Carla you amazing sweetheart! We can always use some sort of geeky/snarky something or other for the wee one. We'll be on the East Coast next summer with him (if all goes well), and MUST see you then.

  4. I'm jealous of your belly! I'm still in the lumpy stage here...

    As for accupuncture, if you have health insurance, have you check to see if it's covered? I found out that my insurance company covers pre-natal massage, and I think they cover accupuncture, too. Just a thought, if you haven't already looked into it.

    Have fun on your 6-8 mile hike! My first pregnancy, I walked constantly right up to the day I gave birth but a 6-8 mile hike? I'd be WIPED out. Props to you.

  5. Hey NCavillones, Thanks for the reminder. My insurance covers 12 sessions as long as my dr approves it (waiting for him to call me back now).

    And as far as the hike, I think Peter was more tired than I was! I stayed up til 11:30 and he was in bed by quarter to 10. Ha.

  6. Elka, our face is changing so much during the pregnancy. Your expression in that Daum-deemed "prego Amazonian warrioress" photo is not one I've seen on you before. You're growing beautifully along with your babe! Your hair and eyes have darkened. You look lovely.