Saturday, October 3, 2009

For Michelle: My Latest Maternity Fashions

Since I'm a fan of keeping my loyal few readers happy, here is a documentation of my latest maternity fashion, for Michelle D, as per her request.

Here we have a gorgeous batiked tablecloth that I discovered at a thrift shop in either the U.P. or Wisconsin in August. But I think it was in Wisconsin. It's a round tablecloth, and I knew that if I just took a middle circle cut out of it it would be the perfect burgeoning belly skirt. And isn't it sooooo pretty? It's now elasticized in the waist area, making for easy belly growth.

It also has a ton of material in it, so it is super swingy. Yay!

This morning I went to prenatal yoga, where I was surrounded by lots of pregnant ladies. It was slow. And easy. And snoozeville. So I will continue going to other yoga and pilates classes, with modifications, and save the prenatal times for the third trimester. I did like the teacher though, and maybe I'll go to meet more pregnant ladies. That's always a plus, right?

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  1. Sweet! What a good idea for repurposing material. Also, you are a very lovely model!