Monday, January 4, 2010

The Badditude

I'm starting to feel pretty uncomfy, and this has contributed to my badditude of the past few days. What originally started it was a double whammy of a day last week: an emergency dental appointment and an emergency doctor's appointment.

See this little guy? He is in need of some major discipline, discipline that I feel incapable of issuing at this point in the pregnancy. He has made steady progress since we got him in June (a mere week before I found out I was pregnant with the little dude). He has been housetrained, learned how to sleep quietly (mostly) through the night, taken basic obedience classes, learned how to walk offleash, been well-socialized, and in general is a delightful pup. But he's still a pup, with lots and lots of energy.

I found this out the hard way last Wednesday when I took him and Ozzie on an offleash walk at the Bulb, and Haiko, distracted by his excitement over playing with another dog, ran straight into the back of my knees and flipped me on my back. Flat on my back. My back still hurts as I type this. I really need to make that massage therapy appointment, actually. Anyway, it hurt like hell. Plus it is really embarrassing to have to rock a little bit on your back and side to get up out of the mud after this happens. The other dog's owner asked me if I was okay, and between crying and hiding my face in shame over my manatee-like rocking return to an upright position, I managed to wave her away. Then I had to go to Walnut Creek to get another damn ultrasound to make sure that the placenta hadn't detached from the uterine wall and that the baby was still okay. It was pretty damn scary. Peter had left that early morning to go to Tahoe, so I felt doubly alone, having to deal with all of this by myself.

Luckily, the baby was okay, the placenta was attached still, and I am fine, save for the horrible backache. And I have started instituting a more disciplined, Cesar-like routine with the pup, including making him sit and wait for the door to be opened, no paws up on legs or furniture to get our attention, etc.

We really need to hire Tanja, but she is so expensive, and our money is rather dwindled at this point, especially with less coming in in rental income at the moment, and me soon going on maternity leave. This is important, though, so we need to find ways to budget for it.

So, the other double whammy of that Wednesday was my visit to the dentist. I have an extreme dental phobia. It has something to do with, perhaps, my very first dentist being a weirdo criminal who went to jail, my lack of flouride as a child, my father's refusal to let us have x-rays until we were, like, 12, and other assorted dental horrors over the past 20-some years. Whilst flossing my teeth on Tuesday evening, an entire filling popped out of a molar and flew across the bathroom. Awesome! So, I ovaried up and made an appointment with Peter's dentist. And guess what? It was okay. She was really nice. The first nice dentist I have had in years! I go back to her today for a cleaning, and then we're going to do many more horrible teethy things once the baby is born, including, possibly, Invisalign for my crooked teefs. I cannot even imagine having straight teefs. It is beyond my considerable imagination.

So, the badditude. It is here, but I don't want to get used to it. I want it to change. Maybe tonight's prenatal water exercise class at the Y will help. Or tomorrow's acupuncture. Or stretching my sore back. Something has to help. Because I don't want to do another 8 weeks with this badditude. Blech.


  1. Oh! Poor Elka! That little Haiks sure sounds like a rascal. I wish I could come up and exhaust the dogs so you could take long, luxurious naps and drink tea.

    Y'know, I do think it is okay to be in a bad mood sometimes. Being pregnant and having a new puppy and going to the dentist are all very demanding and stressful situations! It sounds like you are handling everything very well. The badditude is just a sign that you are human and need some R&R. I'm thinking of you! Lots and lots of hugs! xoxoxo

  2. Oh man that is damn scary! Mabel is big into knee-jamming, too--or at least was, when she was more of a about Haiko's age. I learned that I had to be hyper vigalent about my and other people's knees.
    All said, Haiko sounds like he's doing very very well. Mabel was destroying the house on the reg up into her SECOND YEAR of doghood. No kidding. She still gets into the recycling bin and distributes its contents throughout the house every once in a while. And to walk w/ her offleash outside of our few designated parks? Yeah, right. Maybe if cats and skateboards didn't exist. But until then, no mam. Anyway, listen to me go on and on... Glad the tooth whackyness turned out OK. Eight more weeks?! Oh, it'll fly by! Happy new year!

  3. I hope Haiko stopped the crazed frolic for at least a few moments, in recognition of hurting you! That pup's gotta get on the cooperation train real quickly, so that he can be a part of the fam. I'm sorry that happened Elka! Although, reading this did make me laugh out loud. And, yeah, what Michelle said is right about the's completely legit for you. No sense in fighting it... but soothing its tidal crashes with relaxed pool time at the Y seems just riiight. :)