Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Babymooning It in Gualala

Not to fall into a marketing trap or anything, but Peter and I took a babymoon the other weekend to beautiful Gualala. We stayed at Mar Vista Cottages, a wonderful homey spot on the coastline north of Gualala owned by Renata and Tom. Highlights included sitting in the pitch black in the outdoor soaking tub, listening to the rain come down and the frogs chirp as Peter drank wine and I drank copious amounts of water. And hiking 8 miles. And making delicious scrambles with the eggs from Mar Vista. And beachcombing. And visiting an odd general store manned by a parrot-impersonating bulldog named General. And many more lovely moments. This is mostly a picture entry, with some images from our stay.

The chickens produced like crazy, and we ate many, many deeply golden-yolked eggs.

A visit to the Sea Ranch Chapel.

I hate it when I take pictures with one squinty eye.

I loved the cottage (we stayed in cottage #5). It had a decidedly Scando/thrifted vibe. Peter declared it "very Elkan." I agreed, though said it was my style minus the weirdness. There were lots of embroidered, thrifted linens used for curtains, pretty little nature elements, etc.

Me and the babe on recently opened public coastline on a windy afternoon.

The beautiful Northern California coastline.

A view from our cottage.

Lola, the unofficial greeter of Mar Vista.


  1. fun! what a crazy, cool chapel. is that where merfolk pray it up? maybe when the kiddo is old enough we can plan a ladymoon :)

  2. Sounds like an absolute idyll. You really do live in paradise.

  3. Next time you get up to N. Cal, come visit B Bryan Preserve in Point Arena. Good luck with the little one.