Monday, August 24, 2009

Wisconsin Vacay

I just got back from 10 days in my homeland, and I have a few observations to make, I suppose about the trip and being in my first trimester and traveling and whatnot.
*Grace, my little sis, is great at yoga, and has amazing concentration and attention span. I love her to pieces.
* It is hard to take naps when you're staying at 5 different places over 9 nights. When I got the chance to take a nap one afternoon, I napped for four hours. Oy.
*Exercise is often a good substitute for naps. Though at one point I was in such a sleepy haze that I felt as if walking around Bayfield was going to destroy me. Ha ha. I was so tired I didn't even go to friend Kent's t-shirt shop to check out his fabulous '80s Keith Haring-esque style makeover (as described by Phyllis) thanks to his cradlerobber-aged boyfriend. That really means I'm tired.
*It's hard to be a diabetic, and plan for insulin pump random weirdness (two reservoirs were effed up and wouldn't work, ugh!) and still try to be a balanced pregnant lady.
*If you're low on insulin pump supplies, and cry in front of the Southwest gate, and tell them you are pregnant and a type 1 diabetic running out of supplies, they will buy you a ticket on another flight. Even if that flight takes 13 hours to get to San Francisco. Which is better than waiting another 24 hours to get home.

So, another thing I noted was that I want to try really hard, when we are lucky enough (if we are lucky enough) to be gifted with a healthy wee one, to be a United Parenting Team. I just realized that the good cop/bad cop routine is utterly ineffectual, and that we both need to be both lenient and disciplinary, but as a Borg-like entity. I also realized, again, how important it is to practice positive reinforcement. And to not say "sucks" in front of seven-year-old siblings. I've cut out the fucks, shits, etc., but the "sucks" and "craps" still pop out.

It's also really great to have a mom who's a prenatal nurse. She's basically on speed dial to answer any and all questions concerning number of times you pee in the day (uterus is pushing on bladder right now, apparently, but will lift soon and relieve the peeing needs temporarily), good baby name choices, pitocin concerns, natural births after being induced, etc. So, thanks Mom!

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