Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As Promised, Ultrasound Pictures

So, here they are. I have labeled them with appropriate body parts. The 8 weeks one is super clear because it was a Doppler one (I think) that Nurse Ginsberg (who I love, she is funny and crass and cool) took. The amazing thing about this was that I could hear the baby's heartbeat! It made me tear up, and you all know that I am not very sentimental.

And here's the second one, taken yesterday. This one was taken with the regular ultrasound, which means a wand on my belly, instead of going up the vag, which I am thankful for (which is how they did the first one). But also, that's why it looks so blurry. Just in case you are wondering, an unacceptable response to the presentation of this photo is, "So, we're having a pile of crap?" Not that anyone said that. Ahem.

What's crazy is that I could already see the leg and arm buds a lot more developed than they were a week and a half ago. The little wriggler is growing soooo fast! And she wriggled all over while Dr. Maier had the ultrasound on my belly, which was awesome cool. Sharon, the prenatal diabetes nurse/counselor, who I think is almost as baby crazy as my prenatal nurse mom, cooed and clucked and said, "Isn't that AMAZING!!!!" Yes, it was pretty darn cool. Things seem to be progressing well. Let's just all cross our fingers and say our prayers that we get through the first trimester healthfully.

The baby is now about an inch long!

As for me, I feel more energetic than a few weeks ago, and not as nauseous. Either that, or I am just getting very used to feeling this tired/nauseous. I can't really tell right now which it is. What's interesting is that when I get hungry, I get ravenously hungry immediately and feel all crampy in the stomach and nauseous. I've never had such acute hunger pangs before. Other than that, so far I love my care team, and I love being active right now; it's helping a lot with my bloodsugars, energy levels, and mood in general.

This morning the bastard pups and I took a hike at the bulb for 45 minutes or so at 7 am, and played in the surf. Or at least Ozzie and I did. Haiko was afraid to go in. That's my life right now: pregnancy, dogs, fantasizing about the perfect chicken salad sandwich, and wishing I had the energy to sew up all the damn fabric on my ironing board. Pretty mundane, but it feels right.


  1. OK, so, how come I have not been reading this blog? "Piece of poop," my eye.

  2. Aw, thanks, Fanny. That Peter always comes up with the sweetest things to say.