Saturday, February 6, 2010

Serious Signs of Nesting

Even more than usual, which is saying a lot, if you know me.

I just finished making this salve. There's a lot of it! I infused olive oil with fresh calendula flowers and rosemary needles. These two plants have great antifungal, antiseptic, and vulnerary (wound healing) properties. Calendula especially is supposed to be good for everything from diaper rashes to cracked nipples, so it will likely get lots of use on both me and the dude in the next few months or more. All that's in this stuff is beeswax, herb-infused olive oil, and Vitamin E oil. I didn't want to add any essential oil or scent because I wanted it to be as benign and edible as possible, especially if it's going on my nips when there will be a little chomper on there, too.

I also sewed up a a cover for the diaper changing pad. I need to sew up a few more. This one is so darn cute, though. I have some left over material that I think I might use to make an iPhone cover for myself.

I also sewed 10 curtains for the baby/guest room. I wish I would've taken pictures, because the difference between the ugly white blinds and these beautiful curtains is pretty stunning.

Indeed, even Peter said, "I knew that the curtains would make the room look different, but this is transformational!" I love it when Peter busts out with some ridiculous Peterism that plainly captures the situation at hand.

I also made two more on-the-fly diaper changing pads. They have an organic cotton towel on one side, and cute fabric on the other. I thought about putting a button and elastic on there, but a ponytail holder seems to work just fine, too.

I also sewed up this funny little square pouf/toy for Uli to lounge about on and cuddle with when he gets older. There's also a tiny matching pillow that has jingle bells in it, which should be a nice soft, cuddly toy that he can amuse himself with.

Still more crafting to go, though!


  1. So cute! I have to get my package in the mail to you asap! It has to get there before ULI!!!

    I'm so excited and happy for you. Seriously, I'm going to want to come visit SOON. I love Peter's "peterisms." You guys are going to be the raddest parents EVER!!!!

  2. i seriously need to get my salve on. that one batch you sent me is like precious precious gold.

  3. Wow Elka! The curtains are tranformational, I can see that even by these photos coupled with my memories of those spaces. Kinda like how a new coat of paint will turn a blues-er into a jazz-er! Your sewing storm will undoubtedly leave you with happy happy cozy cozy feelings long into the baby-days. Through these blog posts, I am really feeling the momma-momentum pick the snowball that began so small...and has grown into a whole other force with its accumulation... Yippee! You are doin' it!! Lil Uli Peep!! so soon to be...

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  5. I love those curtains, especially with the green walls! And I think I'll have to try to make some of that salve myself!

    What a wonderful way to "nest"!