Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby Showers Rock (When Cool Ladies Like These Frequent Them)!

This is mostly a photo post, but I wanted to simply say that I feel so honored to have so many wonderful women in my life. From my mom and auntie-in-law and mother-in-law and sister who threw this party, to the fabulous 30 or so lady friends who showed up to help craft and celebrate the arrival in February or March of the little boy, I am so lucky and blessed to have such wonderful Bay Area friends in my life. Thank you for coming and sharing the day with me!

Elly cautions Haiko to stay away from the sandos, pre-party.

Mom and Elly. Elly loves to throw parties in cute aprons (cute apron courtesy of Mom).

Mom poses with Linda, my mom-in-law, who's working on the pony head for the little boy's huge collage.

Vickie, Linda, Laurel, and Kristin on the deck.

Michele, Wendy, and Hyland craft in the baby's room. I swear it is not this bright green in person!

The horse's neck, collage in progress, thanks to many ladies' hands.

Jen and Ginger

The second crafting area.

Part of the amazing spread of food that Elly, Linda, Mom, and Vickie put together.

A beautiful day, and a beautiful view from the deck.

More crafting in the dining room.

Even the anti-crafters didn't seem to mind this project too much.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Grandma and Aunt Kathy!

I'm going to post after pictures of our craft project soon, either when I hang the entire piece (or, I should say, its eight pieces) up, or when I lay it out again on the floor. Till then, you'll just have to wonder at the finished product!


  1. No scrabble tournament? I am shocked.

  2. Hey, I wrote a whole damn chapter on crafting! I just suck t it personally. Thanks again for the lovely afternoon.